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The destructive force of the internet has forever changed the structure of the automotive industry. How can you put to use the destructive innovation of the internet to grow your business, increase your sales and increase your sales conversion ratio, lower cost of sales ratios?

Each automotive brand is unique, each market space is unique and each and every locality has different demographic trends. Each point of sale needs a unique selling proposition and sales mix.

We can help you grow your business, increase revenue and profitability and lower costs. Please see our service offering below.

The automotive industry is a traditional industry and one of the largest contributors to the respective economies of the countries in which they operate. During the last couple of decades with the emergence of new players with more competitive cost structures and core competencies, the advent of the internet, there has been a shift of market share and value fields, which has forced mergers and acquisitions, downsizing, and in numerous cases forced exit from the industry.

We have extensive automotive industry knowledge and experience and have worked with numerous automotive producers, ranging from cars to heavy commercial vehicles. We offer the below listed marketing focused services.

Management and business development services:

• Training and development
• Market analysis
• Product launch
• Benchmarking
• New market development
• Organizational design and rightsizing
• Change management & restructuring



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