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You may have problems with cash flow, profitability, customer attrition, loss in market share, key employee retention, technological advances, new competitors, substitute products and so forth. You must undertake change. But which change program will deliver the best results? Which solution is right for you?

In a turbulent, ever changing environment, companies are finding that their business models are no longer competitive or sustainable. The fast pace of technological change, emergence of new competitors with more competitive cost structures, shorter product life cycles and faster time to market conditions, challenge organizations to constantly adapt their positions.

Your organization must constantly review, adapt and change its business fundamentals. A company is like a living organism. A small change instigated with good intentions in one part of the organization may disrupt or hinder the function of a totally unrelated part.

We make use of tools like the corporate scorecard to implement and measure the outcome of change processes.

We help companies with their change management projects.

Please see our Change Management Services page for additional information, case studies and referrals.

In order to give you an insight into how our Change Management process works, our fundemental internal change process is depicted below::

•Assess the company culture

•Assess the company climate

•Identify points of support & resistance

•Identify supportive/resisting key players

•Communicate and build a coalition

•Undertake to transition the old culture with the new culture

•Install symbols and metaphors and reinforce change drivers

•Assess, analyze and undertake course corrections


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