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Are you the owner or operator of a retail outlet?

> Do you need to increase sales per square feet?

> Do you need to increase sales per customer?

> Do you need to increase the number of customers?

> Do you need to react to change in your market or industry?

> Do you need to change your business model?

We can help your organization to increase revenues & profits, lower costs, streamline your operation, react to a change in your market or industry as a result of competitor action or economic forces and change your business model.

Are you a manufacturer of fast moving consumer goods?

The FMCG market consists of numerous products and markets. The trend in the retail industry is to grow through merger and acquisitions, and has created strong retailers that dominate the market space and manufacturers.

In such a market, the ability of manufacturers to create and grow brands and maintain margins is endangered. Lower margins translate into smaller resource allocations for support activities like R&D, marketing etc… Hence the need to maximize profitability is more important then ever.

We can help you maximize your process efficiency and streamline your unique selling proposition through emphasizing marketing prowess. ATN offers tailor made solutions to fit your unique business needs:

- Streamlining your unique selling proposition

- New Product & New Concept Development

- New Market Development

- Maximize Distribution & Logistics efficiency


Please see our business start-up case study page for additional information, a manufacturing plant start-up case study and referrals.

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