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As a small/medium sized business you have special needs. You know your business better then anyone else. You also know the problems that you are facing better then anyone else. Sometimes trying to achieve your goals alone may be overwhelming and frustrating. Do you have the following problems in your business?

> Cash Flow?




>Business Development?

>Lack of up-to-date information?


We can help you with overcoming these problems by offering, practical advice, relevant solutions, and assist you to implement the mutually drawn up action plan. Whether you need a ATN Business Adviser for one time assistance only, hourly, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly or until the project is concluded, we will stay with you for as long as you need us.

We also offer a program called the Alternative Board Oversight which offers your company the option of working with a senior ATN business adviser as a alternative board member. The alternative board member works solely with you, as a private confidante, as a devils advocate, as a company insider, but while maintaining an objective overview of your business, your market, your industry. The alternative board member will assist you with the formulation of strategy, informing you of the developments in the economy, assessing threats and opportunities. The alternative board member also helps you to maintain oversight of your business by assessing the financial and operational performance indicators, benchmarking your performance with the rest of the industry and helping to fine tune systems and structures.

You can decide to use the ATN Business Adviser or Alternative Board Member to help you with your following needs:

>Business Development

>Sales & Marketing

>Increasing Profitability

>Strategic Business Planning

>Financing or re-financing

>Staff & Management development

>International Business Development

>Buy/Sell a Company

>Organizational Development / HR

You may find it useful to visit the ATN Free Small Business Resources section and also review the Business Start-Up Toolkit and Business Plan guides. Please email us should you wish to receive a complimentary copy of the guides.

ATN Management Consulting LLC

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PMB 168, 344 Grove Street, Jersey City, 07302 NJ - USA

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