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  The Business Plan for Start-ups

> Starting a business?

> Looking for angel investors?

>Need financing?

> Need to get your start-up going fast and build business?

You need a business plan.

What is a business plan? A business plan should be a document containing all your ideas based on the opportunity that you see in a specific sector, translated into how this opportunity could render you dollars and cents.

The business plan might be a lengthy detailed document, outlining the future performance of your business for the next five years; this is usually a minimum requirement if you need to finance your business, or it might be a simpler document, undertaking basic analyses to pinpoint opportunities and threats, strengths and weaknesses, action plans that need to be implemented, critical steps and timing that will play an important role in your business, key success factors and problem areas.

Whatever your circumstance, you will need some form of planning to guide you.

We have prepared countless business plans over the last two decades. Here is a short list of what your business plan should contain. A note of caution: remember what Eisenhower said, “ The plan is nothing, planning is everything” The business plan is but a document, and the important fact still remains, that you have to build your business on sound business fundamentals. Your business model has to be right. You have to be right for the business; the business has to be right for you.

Below is a list of what a good business plan should include with brief descriptions:

1. The Executive Summary
• Where do we want to go?
• What is the business going to do?

2. Company Description
• Type of company
• Company history
• Key personnel

3. Industry Analysis and Trends
• Economic analysis
• Industry analysis
• Market analysis

4. Target Market
• Who are you going to sell to?

5. Competition
• Who is the competition?
• How do you compare to the competition?

6. Strategic Position and Assessment of Risk
• The strategy
• The Risk

7. Marketing Plan & Sales Strategy
• How will you sell your product or service?

8. Operations Plan
• How is the company going to operate
• Critical success factors

9. Technology Plan
• What technological requirements do you have and how will you fulfill these?

10. Management & Organizational Structure
• Leadership of the firm
• Company structure and systems

11. Development, Milestones, Timing
• Key performance indicators and milestones

12. The Financials
• Detailed month by month financial forecast for the first year, and annual forecast for the next three to five years

If you need to prepare a business plan or need to gather information about your business plan, we advise you to talk with a business adviser or management consultant who can walk you through and assess the business basics as well as the layout and presentation of your plan.

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